Carers Support

Do you look after a friend or family member providing mental or physical support with an illness, disability, mental health problem, frailty, or substance misuse issues?

Then you are a carer, and we would like to support you.

Please visit reception and complete the Carers Identification form.

Any one of us could find ourselves in this position at any time.

Unpaid carers make up 10% of our population so it is more important than ever that organisations work together to give you support and advice.

With your permission we will refer your details onto Northamptonshire carers where they can offer relevant information and advice, local support services and complete a Carers assessment.

A Carers assessment is a chance to talk about your needs as a carer and the possible ways help could be given to support you. It can also look at the needs of the person you care for. There is no charge for this service.

Young Carers

A young carer is ages between 5 years to 17 years old. A young adult carer is aged between 18 years and 25 years old.

They take on caring responsibilities by helping to look after someone (usually a family member) with a long-term illness or disability.

The Young Carers Service carry out an initial assessment and a support plan will be put in place to meet the needs of the young person and the family. This assessment takes into consideration the voice of the young person and the voice of the parent.

The services provided can be 1-1 support, social activities, targeted groups, family support where appropriate and advice on education, training and employment for the young adult carers.

As a young carer you may be embarrassed, upset or even scared of what might happen if people find. You may feel tired, sad or even alone.

Northamptonshire carers can support you by introducing you to support groups to meet others in similar situations, they have social media pages.

Remember you are not alone…

young carers

Northamptonshire Carers

Here is the support line number for Northamptonshire carers, this provides a confidential service to support the needs of Adults and Young carers.

We can offer a free flu vaccination to all registered carers to help protect you and the person/s you care for. It can be hard enough to look after someone let alone if you become unwell so protect yourself against flu this winter. We will be in contact with all registered carers at the surgery from September to invite you along.

If you need further support or advice please contact our Carers Lead - Linzi Pearsall. 

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